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Getting YOUR Business Online NOW

This past weekend, I interviewed two guests for my new show: WeTalk, a podcast about Tech, Startups, Entrepreneurship, and Women Empowerment, which you can listen to here

I got to chat with a brilliant woman, Shyna (pronounced SHY-NA), about what companies should be doing right now to stay relevant in what we like to call the COVID Era and make it through the short term.

It’s safe to say any marketing campaign we, as a small and nimble business, had planned out originally was put on hold as we assessed the current situation. So, even if you had a marketing plan in place, you had to be conscious of the fact that the general public was probably freaking out about the pandemic, totally understand. 

First as businesses, if you’re not on the digital marketing train yet, you need to start. Your target audience is on the internet right now. We just need to figure out how to tap into that, without being annoying to our audience. Which goes back to my previous point about being extremely conscious of what the world is feeling right now before you throw your marketing out there.

Baby steps to bring your Brick-and-Mortar Business Online

Right now, if you’re a brick-and-mortar business, and you’ve not built out a digital presence yet, this is the time.

You know that saying “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today.”

For starters, try to find a digital strategist who can walk you through the process of getting you online.

If you need to chat with someone and you somehow landed on my blog post and you need help, please book a FREE consult here.  

Mom-and-Pop stores need to embrace digital platforms.

Right now, I know cash is tight, and for ALL businesses cash is the bloodline.

I’m not saying you need to dish out thousands and thousands of dollars on getting a *perfect* website done.

But you should invest some resources, such as time into your digital marketing effort.

Focus on getting the basic information your customers need to know about your schedule or your business at this time.

The way you communicate with your audience is super important right now. People need to be reassured that you’re open and that you’re taking great actions to keep them and your staff safe.

For starters, if you need a website: hop on a platform like SquareSpace to quickly build out a site to house content for your business.

When you’re back up and running, we can start to think about the long term game plan of creating your site and customizing it to fit your new business needs, but for the short immediate needs, this platform should help you get a site up and running.

A Simple Website

As it stands right now, I would recommend getting the following up and running……Focus on these three pages:

 👉 First, a ‘Home Page’ that talks about your business, who you serve, changes or updates to how you operate

 👉 Second, an ‘About Page’ that talks about your businesses’ story, but most importantly your new policies surrounding the topic of COVID19

 👉 Third, a ‘Contact Page’ that has a form that allows clients or customers to easily send messages to your work inbox via your website. The contact page should also have phone numbers, hours of operations, etc.

 👉 For services and goods page, update to whatever services or goods your business is providing during this time.

Make sure you either link to those related pages where you discuss how your business is dealing with COVID19 as it applies to your services or goods.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be providing short but actionable steps to helping small businesses just like yours get online.

If you think a website is too daunting right now, cost-wise, read my other blog post about starting up for free or almost free here.