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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below!

How much does a website usually cost?

The best answer is: It depends. But for a ballpark figure: a ‘simple’ 5-page website  for a company brochure site, you can expect the website design and development process to be an investment of about $2,500 – 5,000 USD. 


How long does it take to design a website?

Website design process can take 3-6 weeks for a simple 5-page website. This depends largely on how long it takes to get client feedback and website content. 

What does the website design process look like?

Our website design process follows a design framework:

  • Client homework
  • Establish a goal for your site
  • Hold a strategy session
  • Analyze and Research 
  • Concept Design
  • Development Design
  • Testing 
  • Training 
  • SEO
What does your Logo Design Process look like?

For our identity design process we follow a design framework as follows:

  • Client homework
  • Establish a goal for your logo and brand
  • Hold a strategy session
  • Analyze and Research
  • Concept Design
  • Development Design
Wordpress or Squarespace or Shopify, Which one should I go with?

I could create a whole rant about this it really depends on what you are trying to do. If you’re looking for something easy and streamline, you can’t go wrong with squarespace. 

If you’re looking for something powerful that can grow with your business, I can’t recommend wordpress enough. 

If you’re looking for a specific web app, you’re probably better off looking for a designer who knows how to use something like webflow. 

If you’re looking to DIY a website to test a particular business idea or project, I recommend something like wix.

If you’re looking to sell products, go with either, wordpress + woocommerce, or shopify.  

Do you, Tiny Oak Studio, provide SEO services?

Yes, I do. Though be warned, SEO is not a service you pay once for that will work forever. SEO is always changing and best practices are always being updated. SEO is best done if we set up your website correctly when we develop the site, but then you’ll have to hire someone, like me or another SEO expert, that can do SEO on retainer. That’s how you’ll see results. 

Do you provide copywriting and editing services?

No, I’m not the greatest writer, but I’m happy to team up with someone to help you bring your website dreams to life!