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About Us


Tiny Oak Studio is a digital design studio and business + design resource for small business owners. We’re here to help you tell your brand’s authentic story through bold design: from custom web and brand design to tips and tools on our blog.

Pour yourself a steamy cup of tea, and let’s chat your vision. You’re here because you…

  • Believe design will leave a great impression for your brand,
  • Believe in the power of design to change lives,
  • Believe that less is more; the best design is simple, and
  • Are committed to your vision!

You are perfect for us if you also believe in:

  • Community
  • Designing with Intention and purpose
  • Are a company with a marketing budget looking to uplevel

Well friend, Welcome to Tiny Oak Studio!

Why Tiny Oak Studio? Because we believe in helping you plants seeds for positive impact to hopefully grow into a beautiful tree if not a forest of maximum impact!


Welcome to TOS!

I’m Christina and I’m so happy you landed on my little digital design studio. I started this business in 2018 after leaving my comfortable corporate job to leave the 7-7 grind. #dontmissit

I was miserable and had so much negative energy.

Then one day, my friend introduced me to the digital nomad lifestyle. This intrigued me. I researched, learned, went back to school, and worked harder than ever.

Fast forward to today, I now run my own online strategy and design business from cool cafes around the world working with small business owners who are committed to their visions to build amazing websites that help them brands blossom!

What can we create together?


Immutable laws are a combination of values and ethics that define who we are and what we do.

The concept is adapted from Mike Michalowicz’s blog here:

Our immutable laws are:

  • Positive Impact: For Sustainability, For Our Community
    (even better if for both!)
    When I left corporate, I wanted to work on projects that lit me up and were meaningful to me, now I run my own online business working with dream clients and trailblazers. Almost all of our clients have one thing in common and that’s the positive impact that they leave in their communities!
  • Blood Money: Money is the lifeblood of every business.
    We understand that every penny you invest in your business is your hard eared money so we’ll do everything we can to help you find a solution that fits your budget and can get the job done.
  • Design With Intent And Purpose: No more fluff! No more busy work! We have built from the ground up a super effective design process. Every single element on your site or brand identity is carefully crafted and designed with intention in mind. Ever been on a flashy site and left more confused then ever? Yes, we’re not playing that game. You’ve hired us to get you results. That includes making sure your message is heard.
  • Commitment to Vision, Commitment to Action:
    If you’re committed to your vision, we can make it happen, together.
    Watch my talk here: coming soon.
  • 2000 Leagues Under The Sea: We dive deep in our conversations with our clients to uncover the true motivations behind everything to position ourselves to advise you in the best manner.


  • Besides our Immutable Laws Our Values Include:
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Organization
  • Collaboration