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5 Podcast Channels for Entrepreneural Motivation

  • The Goal Digger, hosted by Jenna Kutcher 
    If I ever need a pick me up, I always put on my earphones and listen to Goal Digger. Jenna’s voice in my ears have always been the encouraging kick that I need if I’m ever “not feeling it” that day. In her podcast episodes, you’ll find actionable steps which are both bite-sized and encouraging. She talks about email marketing, Instagram strategy, and creating mini-courses.  Honestly, any episode Jenna releases is a gold mine. I love her vibe. You can find her content here.


  • Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Amy Porterfield
    Amy’s podcast is all about digital marketing. Some favorite episodes include: road mapping goal setting, and creating mini courses. Amy’s been in the game for a long time, so she has a giant library of content for you to consume. Have a listen here.


  • The Gary Vee Audio Experience
    He’s a tough love kind of guy; a lot of people get put off by his “loud personality” but underneath those rants, and occasionally a few bad words, are some gold nuggets that you can apply to your entrepreneurial journey. Here are some of my favorite mantras from GV the man himself: 

    (1) Take action and create content at scale, using the content generation model. In a nutshell this is a method to create a giant piece of content and then distribute bits and pieces of this content to get your target audience’s attention. 

    (2) Choose happiness. Defining your own success is important because it means different things to everyone. What does your version of success look like? Choose that over material things. 

    (3) Don’t worry about what other people think of or about you, and don’t listen to the haters. 

    (4) Figure out the patterns of social media and where attention is going; this is where Gary gets super strategic and mathematical about where he is distributing his content, etc. 

    (5) Gary is also a prime example of someone who preaches his personal brand story on the daily in whatever context he is providing his content. This should tell you that we have to constantly tell our stories to captivate our audiences. Have a listen here!


  • Girl Boss Radio hosted by Sophia Amoruso
    Sophia asks some great questions in her interviews and she invites the most bad- ass women on her show. These women are top notch trailblazers in their industry. Not only that, this is definitely an all time favorite when I need some “entrepreneurship motivation”. My favorite thing about the stories that we hear from this podcast is how resourceful all these women founders had to be when they first started with their business ideas. This podcast was definitely a great motivator for me when I was making plans to leave my corporate 9-5 job. Have a listen here!


  • Ideacast by Harvard Business Review
    A great intellectual podcast for business-related content. One of the best things I’ve learned from one particular episode is the stages of business growth. When we start, we’re in the “learning” phase, which means we have to learn more about what our clients want and how best to serve them. When we’re in the growth stage, that’s where we want to have True Fans of our brand, that will scream on the rooftops of buildings for you to their friends. The topics they present in the Ideacast are intellectual but consumable. Have a listen here.

Here they are! 5 tried and true Podcast Channels that I always listen to when I need that extra kick of motivation. So grab your cup of latte and have a listen. These channels are also great for making your commute more productive.